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If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a motor accident, no matter how big or small, get in touch to find out how we can support you.


Contact us BEFORE contacting your insurance provider!
We at Autoprofile Ltd understand that being involved in a motor accident is a stressful time, so not only are we experts when it comes to repairing your vehicle but we also have a specialist team in non-fault accident management at the ready to protect you when making a claim. 

Insurance providers battle over who the liability lies with... However when making a non-fault claim through Autoprofile Ltd we are able to ensure that all costs are claimed DIRECTLY from the third parties insurer, not costing you a penny!

There is no need to contact your insurance provider, contact us directly to ensure no claims are made against your policy, there is no excess to pay, and you are provided with a like-for-like vehicle for the duration of your repairs at no cost to yourself.

We can even help you claim for any injuries you may have sustained from the accident, or loss of earnings you have had as a result.

We have a fleet of hire vehicles at the ready all included in this free package - whether you need a vehicle for your daily commute, for running the kids to school, a van to keep your business on the road, or even a licenced taxi plated for your borough!

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If you are at fault for an accident and wish to go through insurance , again don’t panic! Contact us as we will try our utmost to keep repair costs below your excess so you don't need to make a claim.


If you do need to make a claim, ask us about our excess reduction scheme to help reduce the cost to yourself in these unfortunate circumstances!


Your insurance provider may have a contracted repairer of their own, but remember it is your right to choose who repairs your vehicle, you ARE able to choose us as your repairer.

Accident Management: Welcome
Accident Management: Contact
Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside Afte


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